Preventive maintenance has already become a standard despite current limitations. Car manuals contain crude projections on when certain parts of a vehicle may breakdown. While often insufficient especially in the long run, these serve as a basic guideline of when owners must seek repair or replacement before a big breakdown.

In complex, heavy-duty machines like automobiles, some parts are designed to take the brunt of the wear and tear. For internal combustion engines, the brake pads, spark plugs, tires, belts, even the engine oil all suffer greater degrees of wear and tear compared to the rest of the vehicle. 

Maintenance that is proactive than reactive can have very many advantages for car owners.

With tools like EverDrive from AI Parts, car owners have a more powerful, more accurate, and a more data-driven way of looking at preventive maintenance. Instead of one-off guides, the platform fine-tunes the preventive maintenance needed for every individual car.

While upfront costs and spending are major reasons why consumers skip preventive maintenance, the benefits far outweigh what may initially look like “extra costs”.

Here are some reasons why you should take your car’s preventive maintenance seriously:

Increase Your Car’s Service Life

One of the best things that come out of predictive maintenance is it can increase your car’s service life.

Preventive maintenance helps spot potential failures before they can even happen, therefore limiting its negative impact on the entire vehicle.

Proper preventive maintenance also means your car is spending more time running in the optimum condition which will decrease the usual impact of regular use.

Ensure the Safety of Your Vehicle

The safety of an automobile is always a top priority. Damaged tires, faulty brakes, or failing lights are serious safety hazards. Preventive maintenance keeps these threats away through early replacements or checks so they don’t fail while the car is running 100 km/h on the highway.

Increase Reliability and Avoid Stressful Breakdowns

Nothing is as annoying as having a vehicle fail when you need it the most. Preventive maintenance is probably also the best way to ascertain your car will be ready to run when you need it the most. 

With proper preventive maintenance, the chances of you frantically calling auto repair shops in the middle of nowhere can be as small as possible.

No Lengthy Downtime

When you carry out preventive maintenance, the car spends most of its time on the road in tip-top shape. It is for this reason that you can prevent major breakdowns that can require days or weeks in the repair shop. 

Aside from that, with EverDrive and Techpro from AI Parts, you can work with your mechanic so that compatible parts are there when you need it. 

If EverDrive tells you you might need to switch out your headlights soon, you can inform your mechanic. Your mechanic, as a response, can use TechPro to identify the best lights from the best suppliers that is 100% compatible with your vehicle.

The decreased downtime just takes out a common source of inconvenience for many car owners.

No Surprise Costs

The biggest deterrent to preventive maintenance is cost. But one thing preventive maintenance effectively combats are surprise big repair bills.

Fix issues while they are small or before they even happen and not when they have become a major headache.

Some examples of car problems that blow out of proportion: 

  1. Not replacing a flickering headlight might lead it to shut off at the most inconvenient time (and cost you a hefty ticket if you get caught!). 
  2. Not replacing your windshield wipers can also cause unsightly scratches that can become irreparable. 
  3. Ignoring the need for replacement air filters can eventually result in a choked, worn down engine. An unmaintained car will also burn more fuel for the same amount of work. 


At this point, you should understand the great value of preventive maintenance. Ensuring safety, cutting down unplanned costs, and lengthening the service life of a car are just some of the big pluses in maintaining your car and not waiting or an issue to arise.

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