FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 29, 2020) – Parma, Italy – Francesco Tapparo, Software Developer at AI Parts, started out in the academe before making a move towards software development. He has since redirected his aptitude in mathematics into exploring brand-new, life-changing ways AI can affect the way we live our lives.

Today, he let us in on his work for the AI Parts team and his vision for a future with AI.

AI is the Future

“AI is a field rich in interesting and useful applications. We are getting near real-time automatic translation (think Star Trek) but humbler uses like in mop machines are making them more adapted to, for example, for an elderly home. “ 

Mr. Tapparo thinks highly of how AI can affect the future. 

“Recently I discovered software combining home automation and AI technologies in order to help disabled people. In short, the sky’s the limit for useful and exciting AI apps.”

Unlocking New Opportunities for the Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Repair Industry

Francesco helps AI Parts build a suite of applications focused on bringing machine learning and AI-enabled technology to the automotive maintenance industry. 

He explains EverDrive, one of the core products of his team:

“EverDrive’s goal is to warn the user in advance when a car component is about to reach the end of its service life. This date is calculated by artificial intelligence using parameters like driving style, car model, the average temperature where the user lives, and so on.”

A sample of EverDrive’s technology can be tested through a widget on the AI Parts website.

But AI Parts’s technology doesn’t stop at helping consumers. 

Another product is focused on improving the services offered by car repair shops. 

“With TechPro, car repair shop owners can use artificial intelligence to assist the mechanics in choosing the best replacement parts for a car. This will save both the customer and the repair shop a lot of time and it will shrink error rate and compatibility issues.”

The impact of TechPro can be critical. It will improve customer experience by providing auto shop managers with faster, more reliable services with a significant impact on inventory management, an important part of any auto repair shop business. 

Last but definitely not least, Francesco is also leading the way in the development of SaidText. SaidText upgrades the voice memo experience by “[processing] vocal messages and automatically [detecting] urgent ones, in order to assist the physician in taking care first of the patients needing immediate attention.” 

This has become increasingly relevant as the global pandemic has created an even more demanding working environment for doctors and other healthcare providers who are the intended users of the product.

Huge Potential

Francesco believes in the future immensely transformed by AI. 

“AI can really have a big impact on people’s life: Think of disabled people who are able to communicate through vocal commands, AI  being able to detect suspicious behavior at airports or, even more crucial, projects using AI to fight COVID-19.”

And the impact of AI in an often ignored sector like the automotive aftermarket can breathe new life into the industry. 

The way the technology from AI Parts is easy to implement makes it an ideal solution even for smaller car repair shops. It also gives them a chance to continually improve their services, fine-tune their sourcing, and increase satisfaction for customers. 

EverDrive, on the other hand, extends the lifetime of their vehicles by automating proper maintenance. This comes at a time where car sales are dropping and people are paying more attention to extending the service life of existing vehicles due to economic instability. 

Francesco shares: 

“Our software is going to make its small part in making these improvements available to a large number of people. It is nice to work on software able to improve the life of so many people at the same time.”

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Making Life Easier

Francesco also opens up to how AI applications like the one he is building at AI Parts will help people direct their focus on the things that matter the most. 

“Time is becoming more and more a precious resource while the world we live in is increasingly getting more complex. AI can help us to save the time otherwise dedicated to basic tasks and to keep it for us, to stay more with our family, to relax a bit, to focus on our hobbies, or to even become more productive. 

Taking charge of these elementary tasks is similar to do complex calculations by hand: it is possible and can be fun sometimes, but more often than that, there will be a better way to spend our time.”

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