AI Parts Announces Patent for AI Use in Automotive Maintenance 

10 AM CEST, Parma, Italy – AI Parts is pleased to share the patent protection for its breakthrough AI technology has been granted by the Italian Patent Office (UIBM), with Patent No 102018000002691. 

The specifications for the patent illustrates AI Part’s proprietary innovations for the automobile maintenance industry. This includes software for spare parts purchasing that uses machine learning integrated with a feedback database. The same technology will power AI Parts products like TechPro and its predictive maintenance platforms currently in development. 

A Platform of Unlimited Insight

The patent specifies the use of software that makes suggestions on replacement car parts for specified vehicle models. Targeted at car maintenance specialists, it streamlines the identification of the required spare parts and ordering. 

The software works with existing data on car parts and will rely on expert car maintenance personnel to verify and correct suggestions. An important feature of the platform is an intuitive feedback system to assess quality, compatibility, and other important attributes of car parts. 

By collecting feedback from expert users (like car mechanics and automobile maintenance professionals), the software presents the best options for every need. Like many adaptive AI technologies, the platform makes better suggestions with continued use.

Empowering Consumer Use

The patent expands to the use of AI and dynamic data sets to help car owners find and order the correct aftermarket parts for their vehicles. Drivers will have access to the best options, curated by an ever-growing database of customer experience. This cuts waiting times and lessens errors in purchases. 

About AI Parts

Our company, AI Parts, wants to revolutionize the aftermarket automobile maintenance industry by predicting breakdowns before they can happen. The technology will impact the global auto parts distribution systems and improve the overall customer experience. AI Parts minimize the chances of bad surprises on the road and cuts down waiting times for parts. 

AI Parts has three products in development. Techpro, Saidtext, and a dedicated predictive maintenance dashboard. All three are in the testing stage. 

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