Artificial intelligence and vehicle maintenance come together, like never before.


That thinking ends here. 


Merging AI, mechanical engineering, and on-the-ground expertise, our technology saves drivers from expensive preventable breakdowns. Our platform will increase vehicle efficiency, service life, and shrink downtimes.


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More than a billion cars roam the streets every day. They all need one thing: maintenance.  


AI Parts wants to revolutionize the aftermarket automobile maintenance industry by predicting breakdowns before they can happen. The technology will impact the global auto parts distribution systems and improve the overall customer experience. 


AI Parts shrinks the chances of bad surprises on the road and cuts down waiting times for parts. 


The automotive maintenance industry is expected to grow to US$810 billion by 2026. AI Parts’ powerful automotive software will usher in a smarter future for automotive predictive maintenance through artificial intelligence.


Our company has three products in development. Techpro, Saidtext, and a dedicated predictive maintenance dashboard. All three are in the testing stage. 

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“Even for this year, road accidents in Italy have been fewer than a hundred since the beginning of the year. An agreement between car manufacturers promises to reduce them to practically zero by 2035”.

Greater efficiency, longer service life, shorter downtimes.


01. Cars breakdown at the worst possible times

02. Some issues require specialist auto shops for repair.

03. The driver is likely to:

  • Pay a huge amount of money for the (preventable) damage caused.
  • Wait weeks for parts to ship.
  • Suffer the consequences of wrong or unreliable spare parts.
Official dealers, service centers, workshops do not always offer a positive customer experience.


A platform that links driver, predictive maintenance, and service centers together. 

Better assistance for motorists; more potential customers for repairers. Ai Enhanced.
  1. Drivers avoid preventable breakdowns easily. 
  2. Auto repair shops know what parts are in demand, where to order best quality parts, and forecast customer activities. 
  3. Eventually, OEMs and part suppliers understand demand and upgrade manufacturing schedules.
  4. Greater efficiency = less waste = everybody happy!

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