How to use technology to awaken the auto services and auto parts industry

In the digital age, businesses, small and large, must implement new technologies to adapt to the changing world we live in. The pandemic has accelerated the transformation to the digital age. While most sectors have adapted, the auto service sector remains in antiquity, following the same principles and business models of the past. The only way this sector can grow is by implementing new technologies. The following are just some of the technology implementation strategies to grow the sector.


First, the sector must adopt Artificial Intelligence to survive. Not only do new cars have AI technologies that you need to know about, but the implementation of these technologies will allow this sector to become more efficient and allow them to wake up. AI allows this sector to offer services not only of correction, but also of prevention. In addition, the use of AI will improve the supply chain and the internal operations of the service shops, as it has already happened in other sectors.


Next, it is necessary to digitize the operations of the sector. Through the digitization of operations, the transparency and efficiency of the sector will be increased, reducing costs, and increasing customer confidence in service providers.


Finally, it is important for car service providers to understand EV type cars. The electric car has come to stay, and the movement towards this type of car continues to grow with the reduction in prices of these vehicles (Today it is possible to buy a new electric car for € 10,000, thanks in part to Government concessions) and different benefits it gives the buyer. Car service providers need to be able to offer ICE and EV car services to stay in the industry.